Guillotine Cutting Systems

The Guidolin Girotto electronic automatic guillotine cutting system, model GDX-1, is designed to cut sheets and blocks from a roll using a blade and counter blade cutting system. The GDX-1 guillotine cutter can be set-up to laminate, change a liner, slit, sheet & rewind a wide variety of adhesive and double sided adhesive tapes, neutral & printed labels, foam tapes, rubber, textiles, films and similar products.

The machine comes standard with a useful working width of 300mm, 600mm or 800mm and can cut materials up to 15mm in thickness with processing speeds up to 500mm per second. The transport conveyor system is equipped with two anti-adherent silicone rollers and is controlled by a servo step motor coupled with an incremental encoder for excellent positioning tolerance (+/- 0.1mm). The new automatic guillotine cutting machine comes standard with a 4” Color TFT Touchscreen for the complete control of the machine and all its optional systems.

The GD X-1 automatic transversal guillotine cutting system can be supplied as a stand-alone machine with various modular systems, installed on a Flat Bed Die Cutting Press or Rotary Die Cutting Machine or placed in-line with an existing manufacturing process. In addition, the GD X-1 can be equipped with an automatic stacking system. At the exit of the guillotine, there is a stacking/unloading system with frame, trestle & mechanical protections. This unit is equipped with a motorized linear guide and pneumatic pliers to grip the beginning of the sheet as it exits the guillotine. Synchronized movement of this system with the material transport & discharge of the total cut sheet. After the specified amounts of sheets are cut, the machine stops & the operator will open the protection guard to collect the stack.

Guidolin Girotto – Synonymous for Precision Cutting & Converting Technologies.